Beyond Blinds

More style. More convenience.

It's more like hanging a piece of art. Controlling your light and privacy has never been easier with the simplicity of Add-On Blinds.

An elegant evolution

A patented evolution of traditional blinds, add-on blinds are enclosed in tempered glass. It’s a simple DIY innovation that allows you to layer them over entryway doors and sidelights — and control your light and privacy with ease.

A simple addition
with dramatic results.

Premium Look

Premium Look & Feel

Fingertip Adjustment

Fingertip Adjustment

Virtually Maintenance Free

Low Maintenance

Certified Safe

Certified Safe

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

A simple addition with dramatic results.

Personality and privacy
 at your fingertips

From the front door to the back—or any hinged door—you can control your home's visibility and atmosphere at the touch of a finger. All without the complications of exposed cords and blind slats.

Engineered for ease

Engineered for Ease
Easy Install

One tool. No hassle. Most installs take less than an hour.

Safer for Kids & Pets
Safer for Kids & Pets

Glass enclosure eliminates exposed cords and blind slats.

Safer for Kids & Pets
Easy to Clean

Blinds stay clean and tidy. Window cleaning only.

Ready to elevate your space?
Measuring is simple.

Grab a measuring tape and take two minutes to find your fit.

Be safe. Be cozy. Be happy.

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